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bottoms up


Wine racks should store cases; but for those special bottles, or the cool ones you bought just for the label, we’ve created the Bottoms-Up wine mounts. These simple and elegant steel tubes hold wine bottles at a graceful 15 degrees, allowing the cork to remain submerged while simultaneously moving the air bubble into a position of minimal contact with the wine. Each piece has a quarter inch hole drilled in the wall plate, making it easy for you to match your wall type to the right fastener. Arrange the set of three any way you’d like; from straight lines to completely random, this dynamic display will surely liven up your walls and delight your guests!

chalk clock

It’s hard to find items for your home that are as refined as they are playful, but we’re sure we have done it with the ChalkClock! This hand-oiled solid walnut bodied clock comes to you packaged neatly in a small Customatic.com box with two pieces of brightly colored chalk! The walnut is left over from our custom furniture pieces and as such these may be available in limited quantities! Instructions will be included to help you get the numbers on the wall and attach the hands, but feel free to use your own numbers or none at all! The solid walnut core is approximately 3 ½” in diameter and the sweep diameter is just under 10”.

Fireplace Tool Set

Your fireplace is the centerpiece of your living room. Do you really want to pair it with mediocre fireplace tools? No, you do not! You want fireplace tools that are sophisticated, but rugged…functional yet beautiful…refined but powerful.

Our Modern Fireplace Set is sleek and beautiful, but don’t be fooled, these are real workhorse tools. The three tools are crafted from ¾” solid steel concrete stakes and include a broom, a shovel and a sharpened poker. The natural stacked leather handles are gorgeous now, but they will get even better as they soften and patina with use.



Do you fill the guest coat closet with dry-cleaner hand-me-down or cheap plastic hangers?

Offend your guests no more and replace that mismatched cluster with our smooth and sleek solid aluminum hangers. These hangers practically never clump together and are virtually unbreakable! We powdercoat large sheets of 1/8” aluminum then water jet the form revealing a shiny aluminum edge detail.

Steel Coasters

The importance of a good coaster should not be underrated. This set of four solid steel cork-bottomed coasters have the heft to support that full glass of beer and the refinement to underscore the scotch on rocks. Precision cut from pickled and oiled hot rolled steel, we then finish the edges and apply a cork pad to the underside.

the king's men

Sometimes your strategic musings require a battlefield of royal proportions. When the time comes to call on all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, you’ll be prepared with this modern reinvention of the classic chess set. A handsome 14” square butcher-block style board proudly serves as the battleground for 32 sculptural steel pieces. The bold modern shapes in blackened and polished steel against a finely crafted board make for a striking display in any room of your home. Check and Mate.