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Our story 

Customatic.com is a distinctive modern American product company. Our team comprises of talented and passionate people from a wide range of disciplines including design, architecture, manufacturing, construction, and marketing. In combining this diverse cross section of skills, we put pencils to paper and hammers to nails to design, prototype, and produce the highest quality modern products for your home and lifestyle. This process allows us to look at conventional objects and think: How can they be different, better, more functional and more beautiful? We use traditional, hand-craft construction in tandem with modern manufacturing techniques to create products that are elegant and timeless. We believe in emphasizing the nature of materials; whether it is wood or metal, new or re-purposed, every material has a set of inherent qualities that we strive to showcase. We are an American company that believes in utilizing American skill and talent. Ultimately, our passion as designers brings forth a level of intensity in refining our products to the utmost in sleek and functional sophistication, because we simply love what we do. 


Customatic.com was founded on years of experience in building the most sophisticated contemporary homes and buildings with an understood need in the home product market. With 30+ combined years of ‘getting our knees dirty’, Andy Byrnes and Matt Muller of The Construction Zone, Ltd (www.theconstructionzoneltd.com) teamed with marketing specialist Tim Weil and industrial designer Simone Mussa (www.mussa-associates.com) to create a line of modern designed products. As architects and builders, our team has achieved extensive experience in custom quality fabrication, leading us to not only build homes but to branch out in to the modification of products for the home as well. From this foundation, our concept was created to design and build anything, and Customatic.com was born. If you desire it, we can build it. 

To date, Customatic.com has developed a wide variety of unique and beautifully crafted products for market online and in our retail location (The Union at the Biltmore). We employ four full time design, engineering, and sales associates, all of whom have become necessarily well versed in every roll. We have a local (Phoenix, Arizona) dedicated production facility that gives us the ability to control fabrication to ensure a level of excellence from the prototype to the end user. One of our main goals is to provide a platform for modern architects and designers to bring their ideas to market. Our retail location not only acts as a store but is also a forum for discussion, inspiration, and a sound board for concepts derived in collaboration with our customers; we embrace the idea that there is a designer in all of us.