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HSS Planter

These steel and wood desk planters exemplify the craftsmanship and materiality inherent in so many of our parent company's projects, The Construction Zone (www.czphx.com). Made from the same structural steel tube we use on all of our projects, these planter's gravitas and simplicity bring calm and beauty to any desk or window sill. The tubes are fitted with a welded base plate and sealed to prevent water leakage. The planters contain no drainage. A cumaru base is then hand fit in to the inner diameter of the steel and secured within 1/4" steel side walls. Available dimensions are a 4"x4" square and a 3.5" diameter circle. Each are available separately in mill finish or sealed rust patina. Choose your shape and finish.  

When you buy 3, get your third at $15 off - Set of three for $90.00  

Ships within 2 weeks.