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Steel Garden Tags

Putting hours of work into your garden each summer is a really rewarding challenge. Being sure you've got every condition just right for everything to flourish is an absolute must. Our steel garden tags can help make this job easier by solidly and visibly labeling all of the plants in your plot. Whether you're labeling your BigBoys from CherryTomatoes or your Butternut from your Eggplant, these tags are sure to keep your garden organized. To help you get started we include a bright white medium tip paint pen. This method won't wash off the first time you water like with chalkboard style labels, and if you need to change the name simply wipe the surface with acetone or paint thinner. These tags are precision cut from 16 gauge hot rolled mill steel, then carefully folded to add stiffness as well as improve the viewing angle.  

Ships within 2 weeks. Need a larger quantity? As always, simply Contact Us.